What are the academic pathways?

Dual Enrolment offeres various academic and curriculum pathways.

18 Varied Course Pathways

Completion of an Associate Degree
(2-year degree) in either Arts or Science

60 credits = 20 university courses over 2 years

eTextbooks are included

Concurrent completion of the SwitchedOn American High School Diploma

No need to do SwitchedOn Grade 11 and 12 courses

Associate Degree Curriculum Pathways

Associate in Arts

Accounting, Apologetics, Biblical Studies, Business, Creative Writing, Criminal Justice, Early Childhood Education, Education, Information Systems, Interdisciplinary Studies, Military History, Paralegal Studies, Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, Psychology, Psychology – Christian Counselling, Religion

Associate of Applied Science

     Medical Office Assistant (3 years)

Associate of Science

     STEM Mathematics

Each associate degree pathway has a required number of courses.  Attached are samples of three Associate Degrees and the course requirements over two years.


Other Curriculum Pathways

A La Carte course selection option

Students may take any number of courses which can then be transferred to a full degree for credit

6-course certificate option

What about transfer credits?

Learn more about how credits works with Dual Enrolment.

What credit will you receive after completing the two year Dual Enrolment Associate Degree?

Students who transfer into a 4 Year American University Degree Online or Residential could get as much as two years credit towards their degree

For students who transfer into a South African university credit will be determined by obtaining a Certificate of Evaluation from SAQA as well as the Dean of the University faculty.

What credit will you receive after completing some Dual Enrolment courses and not the full Associate Degree?

American universities normally transfer credit for individual courses completed dependant on specific faculties.

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